What’s missing from your success?

There’s a reason you’re not earning more and achieving more in your career. Success requires 4 separate and measurable cornerstones:

  • Action
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Value
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A Year of Success

This is not only the combination of the best of the work that we've developed over the years of our careers, but also several months of work of us strategizing.

Its about living better, enjoying your life, having better relationships. It really is about enriching your life at every level, or prosperity beyond the financial.

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Be Outstanding

We're not promising anything. We're not promising people 7-figure income increase, we're not promising amazing success, all we're doing is honestly telling people 'If you do the things that we're talking about, you will be better off next year than you are this year.'

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“The Year of Success” gives you the opportunity to receive instruction for 1 year with Larry Winget, Bob Burg, Mark Sanborn, and Sally Hogshead.

Together, the four of us have reached over 1,000,000 people with our messages, all over the globe. That’s an audience of over a million people with our bestselling books, presentations, and coaching. A million people who have helped us build our empires of knowledge and experience.

Now, for the first time, we want to spend our time with you— and your goals. Starting right now.


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“A Year of Success” gives you a rare opportunity: one year of instruction with Larry Winget, Mark Sanborn, Sally Hogshead, and Bob Burg.

The Four Cornerstones of Success

You probably know which area represents your strength. The question is, where are you falling short? Could one of these cornerstones be your epic fail?

If you want more in your life– more money, more recognition more happiness– you must understand and excel in all four cornerstones.

A Year of Success assembles 4 of the world’s greatest experts, each a specialist in a different area, to help you create the greatest breakthrough of your career.

In this week-by-week curriculum, you’ll learn from these 4 masters in each of these cornerstones, to measurably improve your results.

What’s Your Success Quotient?

There are four major areas that determine your ability to succeed both personally and professionally. You might be naturally very proficient in one or two, but you need to at least have a working command of all of them. Do you potentially provide great value but are slow to act? Do you act decisively but are weak in building relationships that lead to new business? Are you a great communicator but have difficulty understanding your value? You can absolutely build your skills in each and realize powerful and profitable results.

Discover your Success Quotient in the four areas to your Success: ACTION, VALUE, COMMUNICATIONS, and RELATIONSHIPS, by taking the What’s Your Success Quotient.


In "A Year of Success," the four of us will teach you, challenge you, provoke you, and push you outside your comfort zone to the point that you win bigger, faster, smarter results.